Tournament regulations

Tournament committee
The tournament committee provided by the organizer will decide on any possible disputes.

Game qualification:
U 10/11        E-Juniors          age group 2008 and younger
U 8 / 9          F-Juniors          age group 2010 and younger
All players must have an official document (passport / ID) with them on the tournament day and be able to present it on request.
Playing field:
U 10/11        E-Juniors          50x35m
U 8 / 9          F-Juniors          35x25m
Game ball:
Will be provided by the tournament committee. The game is played with a size 4 ball.

Team jersey:
If both teams compete in the same jersey color, the first team must wear colored bibs. These are ready in the goals. The tournament committee asks the coaches to return the bibs to the referee after each match.
Game duration:
U 10/11        E-Juniors          14 min
U 8 / 9          F-Juniors          11 min
There will be a break of one minute between the games. The tournament committee asks the teams to perform the shakehands outside the pitch so that the schedule can be upheld.  

Number of players:
                                            Number of players:                               Number of medals:
U10/11 (E-Juniors):           6 field player + 1 goalkeeper                12 players
U8/9 (F-Juniors):               4  field player + 1 goalkeeper               11 players

In the morning there are 8 groups of 4 teams, each team playing against each other within the group.
In the afternoon, the first and second in each group will play cross over the round of sixteen. The winners of these games will play for ranks 1-8, the losers for ranks 9-16. The teams placed as third in the group will play for ranks 17-24, The teams placed as fourth will play for ranks 25-32.

Group rankings:
The following criteria are used for the rankings in the groups:
1. Points
2. Goal difference
3. Scored goals
If there is no clear ranking according to these criteria, a penalty shoot-out before lunch decides on the ranking of the teams.

The referee may have a player substituted because of excessive hardness or unsportsmanlike behavior. The coaches must comply with this instruction/directive.
In the event of a gross violation (e.g. assault or gross unsportsmanlike), the tournament commission may decide on the complete exclusion of a player from the tournament.
The tournament committee asks the teams to perform the shakehands outside the pitch so that the schedule can be upheld.  

Substitution of players:
Players can be freely substituted.

U10/11 (E-Juniors):   Offside will be sanctioned in the penalty area and in the two zones of the extended penalty area up to the side lines.
U8/9 (F-Juniors):       It is played without offside

Goal kick:
Kicks and drop kicks are not allowed and will be sanctioned with an indirect free kick for the opposing team on the midline.
A goal kick must be carried out inside the penalty area as a throw from the goalkeeper's hands. This throw-off is technically to be considered as an intercepted ball from the current game. When the goalkeeper places the ball on the ground from his hands, he must pass the ball by his foot..

Return pass rule: 
The return pass rule applies! If the goalkeeper takes the ball unauthorized, play is restarted with an indirect free kick for the opposing team.
Free kick:          
Any offence committed outside the penalty area will always be sanctioned with an indirect free kick. No direct goal can be scored from the kick-off, free kick and throw-in.
Distance between players and ball: 6 m.

Violations (fouls/hand games) within the penalty area result in a penalty.
U11: 7,5 meters from the goal.
U9:   6 meters from the goal.

U11:      The corner ball is taken from the corner of the penalty area (cross point of the penalty area and the baseline).
U9:        The corner ball is taken from the corner of the field.

Playing direction:
The first called team plays in the direction of the main road and has the first kick-off. The first named team must wear colored bibs if the same jersey color is used.

Changing facilities/rooms:
Changing facilities are available and will be allocated to the teams. Please understand that changing facilities are limited due to the large number of teams.
No liability is given for any valuables or clothing. The team managers are obliged to leave the facilities as they were found.

Parking area:
Parking is available near the playing ground. Please pay attention to the parking signs and the parking attendants.
The vouchers for lunch will be distributed in the morning after registration at the tournament committee. The catering for players and coaches will take place in the event tent.

Prize-giving ceremony:
Immediately after the final match, the prize-giving ceremony will take place in the event tent. The tournament committee urges all teams to take part in this event in order to honor all participating teams and to accept the prizes.
The tournament committee will try to ensure that the prize-giving ceremony runs as smoothly as possible, so that everyone can have an unforgettable impression of the end of the tournament on their way home.
We ask all teams/players to be present at the prize-giving ceremony. In case of non-participation, no prizes will be forwarded to the clubs!

We wish all teams a good journey to Sarmenstorf and good luck at the tournament!
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